Oklahomans love to give back to others. We’re kind by nature, and we genuinely look for ways to help our fellow human. Oklahoma City’s best asset -- its people – is one of the best benefits of living in OKC.

By a good majority, Oklahoma City residents are generous with their time, talents and resources:

  • More than 715,000 volunteer each year giving 94.22 million hours of service,
  • 46.5 percent of our population give to charity every year.
  • And almost 70 percent of us looks for ways to incorporate informal volunteering into our lives – or just plain finding ways to help our neighbor.

In fact, the Corporation for National and Community Service explains that the same factors that make Oklahoma City a great place to live – like home ownership levels, short commutes, high education levels, low foreclosure rates and low unemployment – are also indicative of why Oklahoma City has such a high volunteer rate. It all goes together.

Getting involved with a local charity is an amazing way to get connected in your new hometown. There are many organizations offering opportunities to volunteer in the community. These links represent but a fraction of the volunteer activity in OKC.