If you are looking for a place where you can live it up in each of the four seasons, Oklahoma City is the place for you. Here in OKC, you'll find a pretty typical, seasonally varied climate throughout the year. Summers are sunny and warm with plenty of days for swimming. Winters are bright and cold so you'll have plenty of excuses to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate after doing a little outdoor ice skating. Autumn is crisp, perfect for football or a scenic drive. And springs are often wet, but filled with plenty of clear days to get out and watch the flowers bloom.

Basically, Oklahoma City boasts a great balance of weather. During our enjoyably average (weather-wise) year, we experience clear skies most of the time (65 percent), clean air and an annual average temperature of 60 degrees.

Elevation: 1,291 feet above sea level

Average Temperatures: January, 45.9° F; July, 80.7° F; annual average, 60.1° F

Average Annual Precipitation: 32.03 inches of rain; 9.0 inches of snow


Severe Weather in Oklahoma

Oklahoma’s location east of the Rocky Mountains and north of the Gulf of Mexico mean that we are sometimes a hot spot for some interesting weather. Find out more about severe weather in Oklahoma and how we stay prepared.


Homes and Tornadoes

Much like states along the east coast are prepared for potential hurricanes, here in Oklahoma, we do our best to be prepared for tornadoes, and that includes our homes. Find out more about storm shelters and safe rooms.

For more information about tornado safety and preparation, visit the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management’s site.