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Born at the sound of a gunshot, Oklahoma City was settled by a historic land run involving 10,000 homesteaders on April 22, 1889. As exciting as that time must have been, it doesn't compare to the energy and exuberance that surges throughout Oklahoma City today. 

You can see it on the smiling faces of our people, in the urban fabric of our downtown as it continues to grow, on the tree-lined historic neighborhoods and arts districts that help to foster our creative output, on the smiles of a raucous crowd at an NBA Oklahoma City Thunder game and in a diverse economy that's among the strongest in the nation. And the best part is that we've only just begun. 

Oklahoma City makes it easy. Easy to grow, easy to prosper, easy to be yourself, easy to become part of our community and just easy to live. After all, that's why we say in OKC, it's truly a better living and a better life.

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