Food in OKC

Organic. Natural. Fresh. Local. Whatever your menu calls for, Oklahoma City has the right grocery store to fill up your cart and cross everything off your grocery list. With a restaurant scene that is garnering national accolades, you will be thrilled your dollar stretches further in OKC.

Housing in OKC

This vibrant, active city is even more livable because of its affordability. Unlike many metropolitan areas today, you can afford to live comfortably in a quality home, while still enjoying the area’s arts, entertainment and recreational opportunities. Explore neighborhoods layered with personality, colorful art enclaves and plenty of clean, green spaces.

Utilities in OKC

Award-winning utility providers like Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company and Oklahoma Natural Gas, among others, help provide the Oklahoma City metro with dependable and affordable energy. In fact, our region offers lower residential-energy rates than the neighboring states of Texas and Kansas.

Transportation in OKC

Our location at the crossroads of three major interstates, combined with an easy-to-navigate street grid, has made Oklahoma City a dream for drivers with commute times under 20 minutes – one of the lowest in the nation. OKC also boasts an award-winning bus system, with seven-day-a-week service, and a modern-streetcar system downtown.

Health Care in OKC

With one of the nation's leading heart transplant teams, one of the country's most complete medical research centers, and one of the medical profession's most respected eye institutes, area residents' access to health care is among the best. Oklahoma City is also home to two of only a handful of proton therapy centers in America, in addition to a comprehensive academic cancer research/ treatment center. These facilities are on the cutting edge of battling cancer. All total there are 35 hospitals providing quality care to the residents of Oklahoma City.

Miscellaneous Items

When compared to most other major metros, your dollar just goes farther in OKC. However, having a lower cost of living doesn't mean a lower quality of life. In fact, you just get a better opportunity to experience all the world-class amenities Oklahoma City offers.