Homes and Tornadoes

Much like states along the east coast are prepared for potential hurricanes, here in Oklahoma, we do our best to be prepared for tornadoes, and that includes our homes. Many homes in Greater Oklahoma City have tornado shelters or safe rooms built into the house. Shelters or safe rooms are even more common in recently established neighborhoods. And while not all builders include a shelter in the house, they often take the steps to make it very easy for one to be added by the homeowner. 

What about basements? The hard clay soil in Oklahoma means that most homes in the region do not have basements. However, many of the homes in historic neighborhoods do. And basements are excellent places to take cover during a tornado. 

No matter the age of your home, adding a tornado shelter (whether inside your house or on your property) is a good way to be prepared for potential severe weather and tornadoes. There are often funding opportunities available to help residents pay for the installation of tornado shelters and safe rooms. 

For more information about tornado safety and preparation, visit the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management’s site