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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

December in Oklahoma City

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. That’s right, it is officially time for the holidays as the calendar turned to December and you know Oklahoma City does this time of year right. Check out all the great events going on this month via our friends at the OKC CVB.

Visit OKC, attractions, holiday
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Free in OKC

In Oklahoma City you don’t have to have a big pocketbook to have a great time. In fact, there are many great activities you can do for the low, low price of free. That’s right, from museum admission, to water taxi rides and even story time in the park, the fall offers some great events for free. Check out the video for more.

holiday, museums, Visit OKC, attractions, free
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Guthrie’s Historic District is called one of the best neighborhoods in America.

Historic Downtown Guthrie

This story originally ran on

Anyone who’s taken a stroll through Guthrie’s Historic District will vouch: It’s one of the most gorgeous neighborhoods in the nation and easily one of the most underrated attractions in Oklahoma in its entirety. Well, we actually won’t be able to say “underrated” for much longer: Guthrie’s Historic District was recently rated by the American Planning Association (APA) to be one of the five best neighborhoods in the entire country. With the Canalway Cultural District in Lowell, MA; the Village of Shelburne Falls in Shelburne and Buckland, MA; Historic Downtown Georgetown in Georgetown, TX; and Ghent in Norfolk, VA as its list mates, Guthrie’s Historic District finds itself in good (and prestigious) company.

“APA’s Great Places in America recognizes unique and exemplary streets, neighborhoods, and public spaces — three essential components of all communities. These authentic places have been shaped by forward thinking planning that showcases affordable transportation options, promotes community involvement and accessibility, and fosters economic opportunity.”

You can read an article about this and view the APA’s best public spaces and streets on NextCity.

day-trip, Guthrie, history, Visit OKC, accolade, attractions
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Route 66

Route 66 sign

Every year, thousands of travelers start their trek across the iconic and historic Route 66. Covering nearly 2500 miles of land across seven states, Route 66 is widely considered to be a pilgrimage for any and all road trip enthusiasts. Paved with restaurants, museums, and roadside attractions galore, there’s no shortage of exciting things to be found on Route 66. Perhaps we’re a little (a lot) biased, but we here at TheBetterLife tend to believe that the Oklahoma City portion of your Route 66 journey, in particular, will probably (definitely) be the best part of any Route 66 journey; After all, the Oklahoma City portion of your journey will take you through the gold dome, Lake Overholser, the Asian District, Uptown 23rd, the Adventure District and more—and that’s to say nothing of other exciting, nearby Oklahoman Route 66 attractions like the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, POPS in Arcadia, the Blue Whale of Catoosa, and more.

day-trip, Route 66, attractions
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

August in OKC

The Convention and Visitors Bureau has a brand new video out to talk about August in the city. With 12 concerts, 3 festivals, and other local events in art and culture, stay tuned and get informed with August in OKC.

festivals, live music, Visit OKC, arts and culture, attractions
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Oklahoma City Zoo

Giraffe at OKC Zoo

Does anything conjure fond elementary school memories quite like the word “zoo”? Are field trips to the zoo not perhaps the great equalizer among elementary schools across the country? Clearly they can’t be, because if they were then OKC kids would have an unfair advantage since the OKC Zoo is a favorite OKC destination for all ages.

The OKC Zoo covers more than 100 acres and has ~1900 animals in a wide array of habitats. Elephants, giraffes, tigers, rhinos -- all your favorites are there! Visitors from all across the country are known to spend entire days traversing our beautiful zoo—and who can blame them? There’s plenty to see and do! Even outside of visiting the various habitats the OKC Zoo has set up, visitors are welcome to eat, shop, watch shows and learn to their heart’s content!

attractions, family-friendly, zoo, Adventure District
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Science Museum

Science Museum OK

Complete and utter darkness. Darkness so strong you can’t even see your own hand in front of you. Until you notice a faint glow above your head—the faint, familiar glow of stars. Slowly, the glowing becomes strong enough that the darkness isn’t all that dark anymore. In fact, it looks almost inviting. Now there’s millions of small glowing specks in the sky and no city lights to distract you from them. Just you and a beautiful glittered sky. You hold your gaze, totally fixed to this breathtaking sight. And then a voice—a loud, seemingly omnipresent voice—reminds you that “We’re looking at the view from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in late October of last year.”

Oh, right, of course. You got so hung up on the beauty of it all that you forgot—you were in a planetarium all along!

Such were the beginnings of Oklahoma’s illustrious Science Museum (which some of us older Okies might still mistakenly call by its former name The Omniplex from time to time). Originally a humble planetarium, the Oklahoma Science Museum has grown to be Oklahoma’s largest (and most fun!) testament to the joys of science of all kinds: geology, biology, seismology, if it ends with -ology, it has a presence there! With more than 350,000 square feet of pure hands-on science fun, it’s easy to see why the Science Museum is considered to be one of Oklahoma’s best and most creative museums.

attractions, family-friendly, museums, Adventure District
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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The American Pigeon Museum and Library


Throughout mankind’s history, one hero has always been there. Watching over us, guiding us, inspiring us and helping us when nobody else could. I’m talking, of course, about the most underrated species in all of recorded history: the pigeon.

I know that may sound a bit exaggerated, but think about it for a moment! Some of the most landmark events in human history would’ve gone much differently (and much slower) if not for the bravery and intellect of the carrier pigeon. Some carrier pigeons were even made decorated war vets because of it! Does the sheer thought—the awe-inspiring mental image—of these beautiful warriors have your full attention now? It should.

Enter The American Pigeon Museum and Library: The first and only museum dedicated to the mighty pigeon in the entire country. Visitors can peruse the illustrious history of the great carrier pigeon, learn about pigeon breeding, look at awards/records from pigeon racing, or enjoy some lovely art portraying the noble pigeon! Depending on the time of day you visit, you might be able to see some rare pigeons too: pigeons with more feathers than you ever dreamed a pigeon could have, pigeons with extraordinarily long legs, colorful pigeons who look more like aviary royalty, and more. And, if you’re interested in learning more about the fascinating history of the pigeon, there’s a library attached to the museum that has more pigeon-related records, documents, references and literature than you could ever imagine.  

family-friendly, museums, attractions
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

A handy guide to visiting the 4-0-5

The Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau released their Spring/Summer Official Visitors Guide, highlighting the beauty we all know resides in the heart of OKC. Whether it’s outdoor jazz tunes at the Deep Deuce Sessions, Western-style whiskey or fare at McClintock Saloon & Chop House in the Stockyards or an eclectic street scene at the Paseo District’s First Friday Gallery Walk, the Visitors Guide encapsulates all the brilliance and discovery Oklahoma City has to offer.

The guide presents sections on arts, culture, dining, outdoor activity, cocktails, brews, family fun and live entertainment venues, as well as supplying a packed city event calendar. The Spring/Summer Visitors Guide by the Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau is the top document for native Oklahomans and new adventurers alike.

Get your Visitors Guide here; while you’re looking around, make sure to scope out the website for all the amazing things our city has to offer.

publication, Visit OKC, attractions
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Resources for visitors

OKC Skyline

So you just moved to Oklahoma City and now friends and family want to come visit you in your new hometown, what next? Well, if you want to show your guests the best of OKC, get to know Run by our friends at the Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau, the site is a spectacular resource for all things Oklahoma City: It has everything you would want to know about upcoming events, attractions, restaurants, trip ideas and more. For visitors and residents alike, this is an extremely useful website you shouldn’t ignore!

attractions, Visit OKC
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Thirty, verdant and thriving

Myriad Gardens Crystal Bridge

When it comes to Myriad Botanical Gardens, 30 has never looked so good. Thirty years ago this month, the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory at Myriad Botanical Gardens opened to the public and, since that time, Myriad Botanical Gardens has served as the heart of downtown Oklahoma City and a breath of fresh air for all Oklahoma City residents.

The history of the gardens starts much earlier, however. This jewel of Oklahoma City was born during the downtown urban renewal project of the late 60s. Myriad Gardens was part of I.M. Pei’s plan for downtown Oklahoma City’s revitalization, and it’s one of the only parts of his plan to be fully realized. In order to win public support for the idea of a centrally located garden, city leaders made a trip to Denmark to study the Tivoli Gardens for design inspiration. A nation-wide search was made for the architects that would design the Myriad Gardens, which was named after “the Myriad,” the building now known as the Cox Convention Center. In 1971, the New York architectural firm Conklin + Rossant was chosen, and city leaders broke ground on the 17-acre plot for the garden on Nov. 17, 1977.

Unfortunately, construction was delayed as the oil bust of the 1970s and ‘80s diminished the project’s funding, so the area was constructed as money was available. In 1981, leaders formed the Myriad Gardens Foundation to raise private funds for the construction of the Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. Construction resumed from 1983-1985 and the building finally opened to the public on March 25, 1988.

More recently, Myriad Gardens and its Crystal Bridge received a facelift thanks to funds from the construction of Devon Tower and Project 180. This $176-million redesign of downtown streets, sidewalks, parks and plazas included new landscaping, a new children’s garden, a new restaurant space, and reglazed acrylic panels on the Crystal Bridge. Today, Myriad Gardens is stronger than ever and spring is the perfect time to explore all that it has to offer. Check it out for yourself by attending one of their upcoming events or classes.

family-friendly, Myriad Botanical Gardens, parks, attractions, downtown
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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What to do in April

With warmer weather on the horizon and major festivals and sporting events filling the weekends, April is a month full of opportunities to have fun. Check out the April in OKC video from our partners at the Convention and Visitors Bureau for a look at all of this month’s happenings.

attractions, festivals
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Spring Break in OKC

OKC Whitewater Rapids

Spring Break for most Oklahoma schools and colleges will be taking place over the next couple of weeks. Here at Better Life HQ we want to make sure you know you don’t have to go to somewhere like Cabo or Cancun to have a good time. All you leave those places with are awful braids and regret. Trust us, that barbwire tattoo won’t wipe off.

If you stay in OKC you can whitewater raft downtown, sky dive indoors and so much more. Watch the video for more.

attractions, spring break
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

March in OKC

It is March in OKC, and that means spring break and warmer temperatures. March is one of the busiest months in the 4-0-5, but our friends over at the CVB have you covered with their monthly What to OKC video. This month’s highlights include eight Thunder games, Miranda Lambert, Dropkick Murphys, Finding Neverland and more.

live sporting events, attractions, live music
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Main Street of America

Route 66

Route 66 (also known as the Will Rogers Highway) once paved the way from Chicago to L.A. and back, and was one of the original parts of the U.S. Highway System. This “Main Street of America” wove together towns and cities and was a symbol of a uniquely American brand of freedom and opportunity. For this reason, Route 66 is commonly known as “The Mother Road.” These days, however, even finding the route can sometimes be a mother. Not so in the Sooner State! Did you know Oklahoma holds the longest section of Route 66? BOOM!

And in the metro, though it shifted somewhat over the years, the Route is fairly easy to follow, entering from the west at Northwest 39th street, turning south on May to Northwest 23rd, then over to Lincoln Boulevard and going north until hitting present-day I-44. The Capitol, the Milk Bottle building, the Tower Theater, the Will Rogers Theater, Ann’s Chicken Fry, the Western Trail Trading Post and the Gold Dome are all along Route 66, and there are plenty of other things to see and do on the way. Just outside of town to the northwest in Arcadia, the Round Barn and Pops delight the Route 66 traveler. Further to the west, Elk City is home of the National Route 66 Museum.

Outside of the Oklahoma City metro, our friends over at OK Tourism have a great article on top sights in Oklahoma along “America’s most beloved highway.” Take the opportunity to join folks like Sir Paul McCartney (who drove the route in 2008, stopping in OKC for dinner), and experience this great and accessible cultural icon for yourself!

Oklahoma City history, Route 66, attractions, day-trip
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

What to do in February

February is jam-packed with events as some of the biggest names in music and entertainment swing through the 4-0-5. Go check out the February in OKC video from our partners at the Convention and Visitors Bureau for a look at all of this month’s happenings. Highlights include The Little Mermaid Live and the Harlem Globetrotters.

Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, January 9, 2018

January in Oklahoma City

Just because the holidays are over that doesn’t mean the fun stops in Oklahoma City. Don’t just take our word for it though. Go check out the January in OKC video from our partners at the Convention and Visitors Bureau for a look at all of this month’s happenings. From Thunder basketball to the Color Purple and everything in between, the calendar is packed full this month in the 4-0-5.

Thunder, Adventure District, attractions
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

December in OKC

It is a new month, and that means another great video from our friends at the Convention and Visitors Bureau highlighting all there is to do in the 4-0-5 this month. Check out the link for information on the Nutcracker, NRHA Futurity Show, Red Earth Tree Festival and more. These videos are great to share with out of town family and friends to let them know all the fun they are missing in OKC.

holiday, horse show, attractions, ballet
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

November in OKC

November is a busy month in OKC, but don’t worry because our friends at the Oklahoma City Convention and Visitors Bureau have you covered with their November in OKC video. This month they even brought along a very special guest, Thunder defensive wizard Andre Roberson. Get fired up with six Thunder home games this month, Downtown in December festivities kicking off, Chris Stapleton at the Chesapeake Energy arena and so much more.

downtown, holiday, live sporting events, music, Thunder, attractions, concerts
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

What to see OKC

Our friends over at the Convention and Visitors Bureau create a lot of great content. And, contrary to popular belief, their website isn’t just for visitors! features all the latest happenings in OKC, from the latest events to the best local restaurants even some locals don’t know about. They even have monthly “What to see in OKC” videos filled with the biggest shows, events and other attractions taking place in the City that month in under 2 minutes. In fact, the one for September can be found here, highlighting the Oklahoma State Fair, Disney on Ice, upcoming concerts and more.

So, if you’re interested in being “in the know” and have some serious FOMO (Fear of missing out… We millennials have some odd phrases), just check back in to the VisitOKC website each month or follow them on Instagram @VisitOKC to stay updated with the latest.  

concerts, restaurants, State Fair Park, Visit OKC, attractions
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

All things OKC

OKC Skyline

With so much to do, see and learn about in Oklahoma City, it can be tough to find the information you’re looking for. One way you can remedy this situation is to, of course, sign up for our email newsletter for a weekly 411 on the 405. There are other things you can do though too, one of the most important of which is to utilize the power of social media for the latest and greatest information. Now, we know what you’re thinking. ‘That all seems fine and dandy, but with so much information out there, which social media accounts are the best ones to follow for all the information I need?’ A great question like that deserves a great answer, so here’s our list of three social media accounts to follow for the latest and greatest on all things OKC.

  1. Naturally, the first account we’re recommending is our very own Facebook page. In case you don’t sign up for our e-newsletter for whatever strange reason, our Facebook page shares the latest information from our blog each week in addition to some other cool stuff that’s fun and important. If you’re not a fan of Facebook, you can follow us on Twitter instead.
  2. One common misconception about the next account to follow is that it’s only for visitors, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. The VisitOKC Instagram is filled with some spectacular photos of OKC’s coolest restaurants and attractions. They also do videos showcasing the latest upcoming events happening throughout the OKC metro. If Instagram isn’t your thing, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
  3. The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber Twitter is a hub for the latest business news and events happening in OKC. Beyond that, the Chamber also has a compiled list of all the accolades OKC has been recognized for in national headlines on their website. You can also take a look at their Facebook and Instagram.
accolade, attractions, business, social media
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

July in OKC

Have you seen this month’s “What to OKC” video from our colleagues at the OKC CVB? If you have friends/fam coming to visit, or just want to be a tourist in your own town, and these monthly video features are great resources, fam. Get fired up with Dodgers baseball, Disney songs, Energy FC soccer, Rick Springfield, Garth Brooks, a great Kehinde Wiley exhibit at the OKC MOA, Macca, West Side Story and more. Check it out below!

Dodgers, live music, OKC Energy, theater, Visit OKC, arts and culture, attractions
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What to see in May

Baseball in OKC

May is a busy month for fun stuff to do in Oklahoma City with great sporting events, the Lion King, the Oklahoma Craft Beer Festival and so much more. Check out this month’s What to See in OKC video from our friends at the Convention and Visitors bureau for more.

Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Your newest guide to OK (See) attractions

Whether you’re just visiting Oklahoma City or you’re a long-time resident, the Visitor’s Guide is a great resource to learn the ins and outs of OKC. Published and updated twice each year, the Visitor’s guide can give you ideas for dining, shopping and recreation with a map to help get you where you need to go. The Oklahoma City Visitors Guide is available in magazine version by request or as a digital version online.





shopping, Visit OKC, attractions, restaurants
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Our Handy Guide to Visiting

Visitors Guides

Have some friends or family coming to town or simply need another resource to help you discover more of Oklahoma City? The Oklahoma City Visitors Guide is a magazine you need to get to know.

If there is fun to be had in OKC, you will find the info you need inside. Everything from festival and event listings, district guides and even some ideas of free things to do dot the pages. If you want to be a true resident of Oklahoma City be sure to check out Iconic OKC to check off stuff from your OKC bucket list. With Valentine’s Day around the corner you might even get some great ideas of how to spend that special evening with that special someone.

publication, Visit OKC, attractions, Oklahoma City
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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What to See in #OKC

Thanks to our friends at, each month you can take your own virtual tour with a new “What to OKC” video highlighting that month’s events and attractions. And then you can dive deeper to get area highlights and happenings, as well as local trips for your specific interest – outdoors, sports, history, the arts, nightlife and more.

The videos post to the main page of at the beginning of each month. You can check out February’s video now. You should also visit the VisitOKC YouTube channel to catch up on past videos you missed (along with other great content). 

While we at The Better Life Blog can’t imagine living anywhere else, we realize that Oklahoma City certainly would be fun to visit as well.

attractions, Visit OKC
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Acclaim city

Skydance Bridge with clouds

Did you know Oklahoma City was recently named a top tourist destination by USA Today? Oklahoma City has been on a bit of a hot streak lately, and the national media has taken notice. The accolades have flooded in for our economy, quality of life and everything in between. This praise is great because it is not us bragging about our city, it is impartial national publications who keep noticing the great things happening in our community.

It seems like every day a new accolade or honor is being announced and it is a daunting task to keep up to date with the latest news. You can check the Better Life website for an always-fresh list of accolades. Be sure to share with your friends and family to show them we aren’t the only ones singing the praises of OKC.

attractions, Oklahoma City
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Let us help with New Year’s resolution

business people

The year is new and that means it is time to come up with a plan for 2017. Here are our three suggestions:

Resolution: Save Money
This is a bit of a cheat because if you live in Oklahoma City you are already doing this. OKC consistently has one of the lowest costs of living in the U.S. Check out our handy cost of living calculator to see how much money you save by simply living the better life in OKC.

Resolution: Get to Know OKC
Whether you are new to the metro or have lived here all your life we promise you there are sides of OKC you need to discover and explore. Of course our blog is the perfect start but also check out our friends over at The will also do a great job of keeping you informed on the can’t-miss events in OKC.

Resolution: Be an Ambassador
We love nothing more than spreading the gospel of OKC 24-7. However, nothing is more valuable than hearing recommendations from someone you know personally. Help be an ambassador for our community. Know someone thinking about moving? Introduce them to our website, sign them up for our blog and show them the e-magazine VeloCity.

moving, velocity, attractions, cost of living
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Planning the perfect visit

Bricktown Water Taxi and Canal at Christmas

Looking for fun ideas to keep your guests entertained? Check out an interactive map of OKC to see all of the restaurants, attractions and events near you. If you’re looking to a plan a night out on the town with the guys or girls, we’ve got you covered there too. Check out these trip ideas and guides to make your OKC experience one to remember.

For an ultimate, comprehensive guide on everything OKC, check out the Oklahoma City Visitors Guide. Updated each year, the Visitors Guide is sure to include the latest attractions of our growing city. You can view the visitors guide digitally or request a copy by mail. In its 88 pages, you’ll see all Oklahoma City has to offer – sports, recreation, nightlife, shopping, arts, dining, hotels, etc.

Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

All Points South

We often brag about Oklahoma City’s ideal location at two of the nation’s major arteries, Interstates 35 and 40. Sure, our equidistance between both coasts makes us a great location for business, but it also has benefits for residents, too. A quick drive south on I-35 offers plenty of sites to see and towns to enjoy. Get to know your state as you explore these southern points!

With its close ties to the University of Oklahoma, this town is a quick escape from Oklahoma City with attractions for every age. You would be remiss if you missed Norman’s museums and educational attractions, including the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History and the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art. Read some of our past coverage on Norman attractions here.

Pauls Valley
Pauls Valley is home to The Toy and Action Figure Museum, one of Time Magazine’s “Top 50 Most Authentic American Experiences” and a must-see museum for the kid at heart. The Toy and Action Figure Museum houses more than 13,000 classic pop culture figures, and it’s also home to the Oklahoma Cartoonists Collection, which features Oklahoma cartoonists like Chester Gould (of Dick Tracy) and Jack and Carole Bender (from Alley Oop).

Sulphur and Davis
Just east of I-35, the towns of Sulphur and Davis are in the heart of the Chickasaw Nation and are an easy distance to the Chickasaw National Recreation Area and the Lake of the Arbuckles. The Chickasaw National Recreation Area is Oklahoma’s oldest national park and offers campsites and opportunities for biking, boating, water sports and hiking, to name a few. Nearby is the Chickasaw Cultural Center, The Artesian Hotel, Casino and Spa, the ARTesian Gallery and Studios, and Bedré Fine Chocolate Factory.

day-trip, museums, Norman, outdoor recreation, Pauls Valley, Sulphur, attractions, Davis
Posted by: Greater Oklahoma City Chamber
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